When it comes to the size and cut of your Vannie Kaap (or any) Tshirt, it is important to know exactly which size would fit you. Sizes are not the same from all shop/suppliers. 

So we've made a few simple charts for you to follow in knowing which Vannie Kaap garment size you should purchase.


Measure a garment that you have that fits well and then use those measurements to pick a size from the charts below, thus negating sizing issues.

Main measurement

Chest – lay your existing garment flat and measure from the bottom of the sleeve seam (where it attaches to the body) across the chest to the opposite arm seam

So you would measure your t-shirt, and lets say it's a medium from Woolies, and measures 56 cm across. Then you would choose a Large from our mens Tshirt range as our large mens Tshirts are 56cm wide.