About us

Welcome to Vannie Kaap's online shop! By purchasing a product on here or in our physical shop in Woodstock, you help to ensure that Vannie Kaap grows stronger in it's service offering to you. You also help us afford to eat even more Gatsbys than what is humanly possible. 

If you've been following Vannie Kaap social media pages, you will know we are all about quality and professionalism in how we present our entertainment and humour. This is no different when it comes to the products offered in this online shop.

We guarantee great quality and exceptional customer service. We will only put products up that has the quality we would personally wear or use. And believe you me, ek dra nie majatie! 

We will always bend over backwards, to ensure your entire purchasing experience is as amazing as a Cape Masala Steak Gatsby. If you have any questions or product suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop us a message or have a look at our help page for extra peace of mind.

How will a brand started by a guy from Manenberg (Cape Flats) grow to become one of the biggest brands out of Cape Town? It will with your support.....and my harregat, never-give-up attitude. 

PS. A small percentage of all sales go towards helping needy kids. My needy kids! 

Thank you for your support Cape Town! Nou gaan koep iets or come visit the VK shop at 374 Albert Road, The Salt Circle Arcade, Shop 6, Woodstock, 7925.